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Increase the speed of developing your projects with ready-made models and templates!

Market for Engineers # 1:

  • projects, drawings, 3d-models
  • examples of engineering calculations
  • templates of technical documentation
  • video courses


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  • engineering calculation
  • project, model
  • development of a template for your tasks
  • automation of calculations in a document


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Webinars on working with technical documentation

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Video courses for engineers

A video course is a convenient training format that allows you to listen to lessons at a time convenient for you and learn at your own pace.

The online market has a number of courses for engineers in various fields:

  • structural design
  • BIM
  • civil engineering etc.

Choose which video course you would like to purchase. We will inform you personally as soon as such courses appear in the store!

How to simplify the life of an engineer, speed up project development and improve the quality of technical documentation?

- through ready-made solutions!

Dystlab Store

Examples of explanatory notes and technical reports, automated checks in engineering calculations, models of structures or their elements allow a specialist to optimize work processes and get the desired result on time.

But what if the desired position is not in the store? Or is there no time to "fit" to my project?

Order it!

In the online market you can not only buy ready-made projects or reports, but also

  • order design calculation
  • order the development of drawings, models for a 3d printer
  • order bim-model development
  • order automation of calculations in a course project or scientific work, etc.

We are not all-powerful, but capable of much ;)

Contact us! Our manager will try to help in solving your problem.

Dystlab Store

What experts will find useful in the market?

All engineering market positions are designed to help engineers


Industrial and civil engineering, bridge building, hydraulic engineering, geotechnics, etc.


Development of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, water supply, sewage, electricity, automation, etc.

These developers and vendors have already placed their positions in the market:

Dystlab Store online market news

Useful articles and recommendations for engineers

Dystlab Store blog, in which we talk about modern solutions, tools, approaches in engineering

We invite you to events for engineers!

At its free webinars, the Dystlab regularly introduces latest CAD systems, calculation software and other advanced technical solutions

Supporting engineering community at DS Community

Social network for engineers — a free platform for dating, interaction, exchange of thoughts and information

DS Community (соцсеть для инженеров)

Dystlab Store - магазин для инженеров

Online store for engineers — Dystlab Store. Buy a project, download drawing, calculation template. Professional technical content for engineers. Order the development of a report, article, scientific or technical documentation.

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