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Consultancy on design of Reinforced Concrete Structures to Eurocodes and American design codes

Brand: Shamil Nuri
Product Code: CONS-SHNURI-1

Price: $ 20.00

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Consulting including:

In addition to communication, the consultation may contain additional services.

Check your solutions (+25.00%)
Task execution and detailed explanations (+100.00%)

You may receive a consultancy service on a design of Reinforced Concrete Structures to Eurocodes (EN 1990; EN 1991; EN 1992; EN 1998) and American design codes (ACI 318, AASHTO LRFD).

During the individual meeting the expert can assist you on a design of reinforced concrete elements for ultimate limit state (ULS), serviceability limit state (SLS) and seismic design of structures.

You will be able to get answers to questions about critical load patterns and load combinations, cracking formations and calculations of crack width, stress checks, deflection checks, nonlineer analysis and etc.

The expert may also help you to conduct necessary checks for your specific problem, advise an optimal design and analysis algoritm for RC structure.

  • how to determine critical load arrangements and load combinations?
  • how to make a flexural analysis and design of a singly and doubly reinforced concrete beam section?
  • how to make a flexural analysis and design of a flanged reinforced concrete beam section?
  • how to calculate reinforced concrete column under combined axial load and uniaxial/biaxial bending?
  • how to determine and consider slenderness effects for reinforced concrete columns?
  • how to design a reinforced concrete element for shear?
  • how to calculate a reinforced concrete slab?
  • how to make a punching design?
  • how to make a nonlineer analysis considering material and geometric nonlinearities?

You can get answers to these and other questions by ordering a consultancy service with an engineer.

To order a consultancy service please press button "add to cart" and fill in the application form. Clarify your question in the order details field. Expert will contact you for more information and coordination of a meeting time for consultancy.

About consultant

About the consultant / author:

Shamil Nuri is bridge design engineer. He has taken part in a designing of various large and small road structures in Turkey, Turkmenistan, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania and etc during his professional career. Structural design engineer of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures.

He has a MSc degree in Structural Engineering (Istanbul Technical University-ITU). Now he is pursuing an academic career as a PhD student in the Earthquake Engineering program at ITU keeping working as a design engineer.

Work experience: 5 years

Consultancy languages: Russian, English, Azerbaijani and Turkish.

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The cost of the consultation is approximate, for 1 hour of specialist work. If it takes longer to resolve your issue, the cost may change.

Please note that in addition to communication, the consultation may contain additional services that also affect the cost. The final cost of the service is discussed directly with the contractor (consultant).

General properties
Material reinforced concrete
Product / service language russian
Product / service language english
Product / service language azerbaijan
Product / service language turkish
Scope, knowledge system
Related knowledge system mechanics
Related knowledge system design
Scope of application Civil Engineering
Scope of application bridge engineering
Product Standardization and Maintenance
Compliance (codes) EN 1992
Compliance (codes) ACI 318-14
Compliance (codes) EN 1990
Compliance (codes) EN 1991
Compliance (codes) EN 1998
Compliance (codes) AASHTO LRFD
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