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Consultation on modeling in Tekla Structures

Brand: Dmytro Kirman
Product Code: CONS-DMKRM-1

Price: $ 20.00

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Consulting including:

In addition to communication, the consultation may contain additional services.

Dmytro Kirman introduced a series of training courses on working at Tekla. And he is ready to advise design engineers on issues that arose during the modeling of industrial or civil constructions.

On a personal consultation can be considered your work project, tested components, specifications, consistently passed the design phases.

The consultation will also pertinent if you are interested in questions of a more general plan:

  • how to create a foundation in Tekla?
  • how to model the walls?
  • how to set reinforcement in Tekla? What reinforcement options to use?
  • how to reinforce a beam, slab, parapet?
  • how to create drawings of the foundation, columns, slabs, etc.?
  • how to model nodes of steel structures?
  • how to design beams and trusses in Tekla Structures?
  • how to model connections?
  • how to model the building envelope in Tekla Structures?
  • how to set anchor bolts?
  • and other

Contact to the engineer — learn from practitioners!

To order a consultancy service please press button "add to cart" and fill in the application form. Clarify your question in the order details field. Expert will contact you for more information and coordination of a meeting time for consultancy.

About the consultant / author:

Dmytro Kirman works as a civil engineer in the oil and gas sector. He designs objects located in different countries and climatic zones, from an oil well cluster beyond the Arctic Circle to compressor stations in Africa (metal, reinforced concrete structures). All objects are successfully launched and working.

He trained structural engineers to work at Tekla Structures in various design companies.

Work experience: 16 years (since 2004).

Consultancy languages: Ukrainian and Russian.

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The cost of the consultation is approximate, for 1 hour of specialist work. If it takes longer to resolve your issue, the cost may change.

Please note that in addition to communication, the consultation may contain additional services that also affect the cost. The final cost of the service is discussed directly with the contractor (consultant).

General properties
Material reinforced concrete
Material steel
Product / service language ukrainian
Product / service language russian
Scope, knowledge system
Scope of application Civil Engineering
Software and product files
Software Tekla Structures 2017
Software Tekla Structures 2019i
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