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Video course ''Basics of structural dynamic analysis''

What is this course about?

This course introduces the listener to the basics of the dynamic analysis of buildings and structures. During course you will learn how statics differs from dynamics, what causes vibrations in the building structure, what types of loads and actions should be attributed to dynamic, and much more. You will learn how to perform an elementary dynamic calculation — to determine the frequency and period of oscillations in simple structures, as well as to build the vibration forms of these systems.


Separately, the course touched upon the topic how building works over time, which is an important criterion in the design and calculation of unique structures or structures operating under complex dynamic loads.

Course program

  1. Introduction to the dynamics of structures
  2. Free vibrations of structures
  3. Determination of wind load according to SNiP code
  4. Forced vibrations of structures
  5. Modeling the behavior of the structure in time

Bonus: ready-made calculation examples

The course is accompanied by visual demonstration materials and specially designed calculation examples that you can apply in your everyday engineering practice.

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How to study on the course

  1. After paying for the course (if available in the store), you will receive access to video lessons on the platform by mail.
  2. Watch video tutorials, download calculation examples and other course materials, and complete practical tasks.

Where to ask questions

  1. Sign in the social network for engineers DS Community (your customer e-mail must be the same in the store and on social networks).
  2. Join a group to support students in this course (see below).
  3. Ask questions in a group, meet other participants, comment on discussions, share photos, etc.
  4. For any questions, please contact: +38 095 812 2046 (Viber/WhatsApp), t.me/dystlab_store (Telegram).

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General properties
Material reinforced concrete
Material steel
Material wood
Product / service language russian
Scope, knowledge system
Related knowledge system mechanics
Related knowledge system mathematics
Scope of application Civil Engineering
Scope of application mechanical engineering
Video course
Video hosting YouTube
Product Standardization and Maintenance
Compliance (codes) SP 20.13330.2011
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