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Shamil Nuri

Shamil Nuri

About the consultant / author:

Shamil Nuri is bridge design engineer. He has taken part in a designing of various large and small road structures in Turkey, Turkmenistan, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania and etc during his professional career. Structural design engineer of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures.

He has a MSc degree in Structural Engineering (Istanbul Technical University-ITU). Now he is pursuing an academic career as a PhD student in the Earthquake Engineering program at ITU keeping working as a design engineer.

Work experience: 5 years

Consultancy languages: Russian, English, Azerbaijani and Turkish.

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Video course "Design concrete structures using Eurocodes. Basic course (EN 1992)"

В рамках данного курса Вы освоите основные принципы проектирования ЖБК по Еврокоду EN 1992-1-1 (Проектирование железобетонных конструкций. Общие правила и правила для зданий). Программа курса охватывает как общую теорию поведения железобетона, так и расчет отдельных железобетонных элементов, а также различные виды и сочетания нагрузок.

$ 299.00  $ 249.00

Statics of buildings and structures (video course)

As part of this course, you will master the basic principles of theoretical mechanics and learn how to perform calculations of building structures necessary in everyday engineering practice. The course program focuses on the statics of structures (determining support reactions, finding the center of gravity, determining forces, etc.).

$ 86.00

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